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Welcome to our website.

The Fuzesabony's St Florian Fire Brigades' purpose is to enhance community safety, quality of life and confidence by minimizing the impact of hazards and emergency incidents on the people, environment and economy of our region.

We work with other government agencies to minimize the impact of bushfires, storms, floods, landslides, building collapses, motor vehicle accidents and other emergencies. We also run prevention and preparedness programs to prevent these emergencies and reduce their impact on the community. One major our aim is to involve children into our volunteer life, to train them how they can prevent fires and manage emergency situations. Hereby they do sport activity, this is a good alternative besides the XXI century's most common and popular entertainment, the computer and the internet.

Each page here not translated into other language yet, first have to put effort to improve in origin, but further we would share with others, it will a future development.

We are seeking similar volunteer fire brigades, to build up relationships. If you interested to joint us, please leave a message in Guestbook, we will reply.

Sincerely yours,

Attila Rago





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